Urns Plinths

The exterior of your venue is just as important as the interior, as it creates the all important first impression. Urns and plinths can be used to create a feature at the entrance, holding fresh flowers or even some of our decorative twigs which make a unique and eye catching wow factor display. Wedding And Event Prop Hire offer urns for hire in black or white fiberglass or traditional stone, with black and white fiberglass plinths available to match. We also offer plain white plinths for interior use which come in four different sizes. Wedding And Event Prop Hire do also hire smaller urns for table decorations and as plant containers, along with other large shaped containers.

Black or White Fibreglass Urns

Black Fibreglass Urns

Fibreglass Plinths

Black Fibreglass Plinths

S 46cm, M 60cm, L 80cm
M 50cm, L 60cm
M 50cm
M 45cm L 60cm

White Plinths
Iron Fibreglass Urn
Stone Fibreglass Urns

S 30cm, M 54cm, L 78cm, XL 110cm £10 each
L 80cm approx £15 each
S 50cm _ L 90cm

Medium 80cm approx £15
Silver Urn
30cm £8 each