Vintage Items

Wedding And Event Prop Hire offer a specialist selection of vintage props for hire. These decorative items can be used to add character and flair to a venue, and include lanterns, birdcages, wind lights and flower tubs. We also offer vintage frames which can be used as place holders to contain table names and stylish fabric covered post boxes allowing your guests to leave you personal messages. In addition to this we have a selection of vintage crockery to give your tables a unique twist providing the shabby chic look and non vintage prices.

VIN90, VIN95

Vintage Windlight

6ft Cream Tealight Screen

Vintage Lantern

S VIN103, M VIN104, VIN108

Vintage Crockery

White Crockery

Vintage Jugs

Vintage Tealight Tree


VIN105,  VIN101,  VIN101A, VIN100

Post Box

Ornate Table Plan Frame

Vintage Table Plan Frame

Gold Table Plan Frame

VIN102, VIN102A, VIN102B, VIN102C

White Table Names Frames

Plain Table Names Frames

Ornate Table Name Frames

Vintage Table Name Frames


VIN91, VIN92, VIN93, VIN93, VIN107


Ivory Wicker Hearts

Vintage Birdcages

White Wooden Birdcage



VIN105A, VIN109 VIN110, VIN95, VIN96, VIN97, VIN98

Hanging Cream Lantern

Wishing Well Post Box

Vintage Lanterns

Table or Place Name Holders


4ft _ 5ft



Plain Post Box

Patterned Post Box

Ivory Easel